Extensive technology portfolio

SFS’s widely recognized cutting-edge technological and process expertise provides a sturdy foundation for innovative and customer-specific solutions.

Cold forming
Precisely shaped with high pressure

Ever since its production activities began in 1960, SFS has opted for the beneficial properties of high productivity and material efficiency of cold forming. Starting with a blank – usually a wire cut-off – a formed part is produced in two to six forming stages, during which the metal workpiece takes the shape of the die into which it is pressed. Material loss is extremely low compared with alternative production methods such as machining. The high production capacity of up to 600 workpieces per minute also makes the cold forming process very cost-effective for high-volume production runs.

With high production volumes in particular, cold forming offers economic advantages.

Deep drawing technology
Complex moulded parts made from sheet metal

Deep drawing is the ideal complement to cold forming technology. This technique is used to produce very thin-walled precision parts that cannot be produced through cold forming. Flat blanks serve as the starting material for deep-drawn parts. They are shaped into hollow bodies with diverse functions, undergoing as many as 22 different forming and shaping operations in the process.

Precision machining
Delivery of ready-to-fit components

Precision machining technology, such as milling, turning or grinding, is usually offered as a complementary option to cold forming technology to satisfy customer needs for ready-to-fit components.

Plastic injection molding
Innovative moulded parts made from plastic

SFS has years of comprehensive experience and a vast range of skills in plastic injection molding. Thermoplastics are used in a wide range of solutions that would not be possible with formed metal parts, or only with certain limitations. Superior solutions often result from the realization of components made of both metal and plastic. SFS extended its plastic injection molding competencies with the acquisition of Stamm AG in 2016, a precision manufacturing specialist in small and micro-sized molded parts. Micro molding technology is used to fabricate ultra-small parts with high precision tolerances. Super-small geometries and micro structures can, depending on the material used, be engin-eered with high reproducibility and tolerances in the micro-meter range. And at attractive total costs.

Mechanical fastening technology
Holistic optimization of the fastening process

SFS focuses on the holistic optimization of the fastening process in its constant quest to generate extra value for the customer. We make the fastening process more ergonomic, reliable and efficient. By developing application-specific installation devices and tools, customers benefit from tailormade comprehensive systems solutions. Rivets (blind rivets and blind rivet nuts) are a viable option when screws do not meet the specified requirements, or only inadequately so. Minimal wear, high installation quality, short processing cycles and a long service life are the hallmarks of these cost-effective installation machines and tools.

Laser processing technology
Modern technology for medical device industry expanded

Thanks to Tegra Medical, SFS acquired a comprehensive portfolio comprising machining and cleaning technologies, as well as cutting-edge manufacturing tools such as laser welding, cutting, drilling, abrasion and marking. Tegra Medical’s deep process knowledge and its ability to find innovative solutions for complex issues help customers to realize new and improved medical devices and instruments. These are mainly used in orthopedics and in the treatment of cardiovascular diseases or minimally surgical interventions.

Logistics solutions
Significant reductions in the cost of C class logistics

Sourcing costs associated with C parts are often higher than the actual cost of the parts themselves, due to the related administrative tasks, intricate flows of information and complex movements of goods. SFS has developed and implemented numerous solutions under the “M2M by SFS” label to optimize C class inventory management processes in order to address this situation. These solutions lower customers’ process costs and required inventory levels while increasing supply availability. They are at the cutting edge of currently available technology for sensors and wireless communi­cations functionality. With these innovative logistics solutions, SFS underscores its technology leadership.

The GAV 8000 from GESIPA® is a fully automated blind rivet setting tool for industrial applications that can also be integrated into robotic systems.