Fastening Systems

A riveting challenge

The evening sky over Augsburg, Germany, lights up in the colors of Augsburg Football Club (FCA). On view since the summer of 2017, the spectacle is thanks to the new outer shell of the WWK Arena stadium. The sophisticated state-of-the art façade system was designed and erected by Roschmann Group. Working in close cooperation with GESIPA®, Roschmann developed an innovative and economical solution for the assembly of the extraordinary mesh-like exterior construction fabricated with aluminium and translucent plastic pipes.

The German based Roschmann Group was contracted to build the new outer shell of the stadium in August 2016. The result is a sophisticated modern construction with aluminum pipes cocooning the stadium on multiple levels. Roschmann Group approached a number of suppliers with the challenge of developing a suitable fastening solution. The proposal by GESIPA® to use blind rivets as fasteners ticked all the client’s boxes, notably in terms of cost-effectiveness, technical safety, reliability and easy assembly. Specialists from both companies then came together to devise a joint solution for safe and efficient installation of the structure.

Tricky assembly implemented

The goal was to integrate 135 translucent plastic pipes with LED lighting heads in 20 kilometres of interlaced aluminium pipes, and safely secure the structure to the façade substructure of the WWK (a German insurance group) Arena stadium. To meet the challenge, a team of specialists from GESIPA® and Roschmann began by identifying a suitable fastening system. Since fastening systems with blind rivet nuts are not addressed in building code regulations, Roschmann secured a special one-off permit to use them. Load tests on the fasteners for the aluminium pipes were carried out in a program that included pull-out tests, shear tests and component tests in collaboration with Labor für Stahl‐ und Leichtmetallbau GmbH and gbd LAB GmbH, two accredited testing and inspection specialists. M8 blind rivet nuts in A4 stainless steel in combination with FireFox 2 blind rivet nut guns were found to be the ideal fastening system. Next, GESIPA® designed a customized assembly manual specifically for the client in order to make the process of working with the blind rivet nuts as efficient, continuous and easy as possible.

Trust created by customer proximity

GESIPA® professionals worked hand in hand with the customer from development of the best solution to rigorous testing of the fastening system (M8 blind rivet nuts in high-grade A4 stainless steel), processing and assembly – true to its value proposition, “Inventing success together”.

The new outer shell – a modern construction aluminium pipes – wraps around the WWK Arena like a cocoon.

«The cooperation with GESIPA® went smoothly. Thanks to the technical support, the fastening systems at the WWK Arena were implemented and ultimately managed economically and effectively. Almost 22,000 GESIPA® blind rivet nuts guarantee a secure hold of approx. 20,000 metres of aluminium tubing.»

Michael Skopp, Technical Director, Roschmann Group