Engineered Components

Tiny parts,
huge impact

Pushing the boundaries of what’s possible: that’s exactly what SFS did when it created a miniature 0.5 mm thread-forming screw for one of its customers. In the spirit of “Inventing success together”, SFS and Sonova Group, a global leader in hearing aid products, created an innovative miniature fastener for battery contact points.

Sonova engineers were proud to unveil a globally unique rapid-charging hearing aid with a long battery life that pushes back the boundaries of miniaturization. Sonova relied on SFS to develop a fastening solution for the battery contact points and the hearing aid case. The extensive exchange of expertise and close collaboration rooted in trust helped to ensure the successful implementation of this demanding project.

Perfect fusion of aesthetics and functional design

Given the tight space constraints, the screws used to fasten the hearing aid case had to be less than 0.5 mm in diameter. To ensure flawless assembly, the fastening element also had to be screwed directly and securely into the plastic enclosure without causing any damage.

Small but effective – pushing the limits of engineering

SFS’ REMFORM® Ø 0.5×2.0 mm rust-proof fastening solution is the world’s smallest thread-forming screw manufactured by precision cold forming. Adjustments were made throughout the manufacturing process to produce this revolutionary screw. New, stricter requirements were placed on the machine tool manufacturers, the cold forming manufacturing process and the thread rolling machines. This manufacturing project pushed the limits of technical feasibility and resulted in a flawless fastener with high reproducible quality, which in turn led to significant productivity gains during assembly at Sonova’s site.

The hearing aid, with the world’s smallest thread-forming screw from SFS, impresses with its functional design.

Miniature plastic parts as part of the overall solution

With its injection molding expertise, Stamm, a reliable partner for micro-injection molding technology and a member of SFS Group, has been making complex miniature plastic parts for Sonova for years. A collaborative partnership and trusting exchange of knowledge allowed Stamm to meet the highly demanding functional and design specifications.

Various manufacturing technologies from a single source

SFS is a one-stop manufacturer of miniature fasteners made using cold forming or micromolding technology. This reduces the number of suppliers with which customers must work and ensures a balanced view of the tasks at hand: an optimal solution devised in close collaboration with the customer – true to SFS’ claim of “Inventing success together.”