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Higher, faster,

The expansion of a site in Hungary with a new 3,000 m² production hall and a modern material flow concept ensures harmonious and efficient production. In addition to time and cost savings, this success story, for inside door opening mechanism modules (TIB) also impresses with the greatly reduced reject rate achieved with the new assembly system.

Customer requirements in the automotive industry change constantly. Demand for the inside door opening mechanism with additional integrated modules, such as loud­speakers, switches and lighting, has risen sharply. Increasing product variability makes manual assembly highly error-prone and time-consuming. SFS therefore decided to set up a fully automated assembly line, which necessitated the site expansion.

Fully automated assembly line in operation

Jánossomorja, a small town in northwestern Hungary, is where the Automotive Division’s new 3,000 m² construction project is located. Externally, the new production hall appears ordinary, but inside it is futuristic. All components are assembled into component groups by robots at the various assembly stations and the assembly steps performed by the 6-axis robots are interlinked and fully automated.

When operating at full capacity, up to 1,800,000 control units per year will be assembled at the Jánossomorja site.

High level of flexibility achieved

Today’s inside door opening modules vary in configuration, depending on the vehicle model and car interior design. With its modern assembly system, SFS has optimally positioned itself to address the needs of the automotive industry and is capable of producing up to 30 assembly variants for a single project in the shortest possible time.

SFS value proposition guaranteed

The final assemblies are monitored and inspected by cameras and sensors at every assembly station to ensure quality, aesthetics and dimensional accuracy, resulting in a significantly lower defect rate. At the end of the manufacturing process, a laser engraves each item with a unique code and date of assembly, thus ensuring seamless traceability. When operating at full capacity, up to 1,800,000 control units per year will be assembled at the Jánossomorja site. With this project, SFS has once again delivered on its claim of “Inventing success together” from both an internal and mexternal perspective.