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Industry 4.0
Menzi Muck AG

Menzi Muck AG is a manufacturer of walking spider excavators based in Switzerland’s Rhine valley and a global market leader offering top-of-the-line technology and quality. It adopted the innovative M2M (“Machine to Machine”) logistics solution in close collaboration with SFS. The result was yet another success story for the company, which was able to cut costs and reduce required storage space to a minimum. And another example of how SFS is “Inventing success together” with its customers.

SFS and Menzi Muck AG’s successful collaboration on numerous projects dates back to 1997. In 2011 the customer decided to work with one of SFS’s competitors, but a dedicated SFS project team nevertheless maintained contact with the valued former customer and informed Menzi Muck AG regularly about the constant stream of SFS innovations. Menzi Muck AG was eventually drawn back to SFS by the new M2M logistics system.

Logistics system M2M by SFS installed

SFS’ innovative M2M system transmits inventory data automatically between all integrated end devices at the customer and SFS sites. Automated M2M communications minimizes inventory costs (procurement, logistics and handling costs) for C-parts, such as nuts, bolts, washers and, screws, and keeps inventory levels lower, while optimising the availability of items in stock at the customer’s end.

Within two months, the digital turn-LOG®2 inventory management system was fully installed at the customer’s site (right). The professionals for the development and production of walking spider excavators benefit i.a. from saving storage area (left).

Opening the door to Industry 4.0

After a successful pilot test of the new logistics system, the SFS project team began to work on the full installation at the end of 2016. Less than two months later, the digital turn-LOG®2 inventory management system was fully installed at the customer’s site. Working hand in hand with Menzi Muck AG, SFS experts then set up the required warehouse hardware over a three-day period. in total, 320 inventory items were transferred to new receptacles equipped with turnLOG®2 transponders. The master electronic control device for the “M2M by SFS” logistics system was mounted on the customer’s warehouse ceiling. This controller modulates all communication between warehouse infrastructure, hand-held terminal devices and ERP systems.

Successful project conclusion

After the successful implementation of the latest-generation M2M by SFS system with the integrated turnLOG®2 functionality, Menzi Muck AG expressed complete satisfaction with the new logistics solution. It was particularly pleased with the reduction in warehouse space and inventory costs, and with the professionalism of SFS’ project managers.